The 10 Dipping Commandments from The Dip Society... and you!

  1. Thou shalt not double dip. Not ever. It’s social suicide to dip, bite then dip again. If tempted then get a plate, spoon on your own dip and DD to your heart’s content!

  2. Dipping is a non-contact sport. Don’t clash crudités with even your closest friends! 

  3. A bit like love, dipping is for everyone. From your BFF to your great auntie Mary just invite everyone you know to get their dip on.  

  4. Dipping is an all-weather pastime. Come rain or shine, wind or storm, fireside evenings or balmy summer rain that soaks you to your smalls, it’s right to dip right in.

  5. Dip without frontiers. On the bus, in the taxi, down the park, at a picnic, on the tube, in the office, on the farm. Dipping is nomadic, just get out there and explore!

  6. Dippers under the age of 12 can lay claim to any pot of dip (to be honest it’s best to leave them to it) just don’t forget the wipes! 

  7. Solo dipping and group dipping are to be encouraged, so long as dipping etiquette is agreed and understood by all consenting adults. 

  8. A wide variety of dipping tools are recommended. We love crisps, crackers, carrots, mini cucumber, asparagus in season, celery, pitta, toasted bread and grissini.

  9. Dipping is an essential part of life, a life without dips is a life half dunked!

  10. This one’s up to you… Please share your rules for divine dipping on Facebook or Twitter using #diprules and we’ll give a set of our dips to our favourite one!