Sit and Dip

In celebration of her latest book ‘The Cows' Dawn O’Porter tells us her favourite childfood memory and guilty foodie pleasures in our latest ‘Sit & Dip’. 
1.    What food is typically in your handbag and why?
Ha, I love that it is just presumed a woman has food in her handbag. Right now it's walnuts and satsumas. I LOVE satsumas. 
2.    If you were a vegetable which one would you be?
I'd be a potato because I like to think I'm pretty versatile and they never get boring. 
3.    What is your go-to snack whilst writing?
I mean, when I am writing I eat constantly. Crisps and dips. Crackers and dips. Maybe some blueberries. Eggs on toast (I realise that isn't technically a snack but it happens). Cheese straws. Basically, all of the foods all of the time. 
4.    Which cooking utensil do you use most in your kitchen?
Probably my toaster. My kid and I eat loads of toast. 
5.    What is your 'dipper' of choice?
Kettle chips. Salt and Vinegar are my favs but I do love just salted too. 
6.    What is your food mantra?
Try it, you will probably like it. 
7.    What dish/food/treat best sums up the best of childhood memories?
Tinned chicken in white wine sauce and boil in the bag uncle bens rice. I would never eat tinned chicken now, but this was my favorite thing in the world. With a visible layer of table salt on top. Mmmmmmm
8.    What is your favourite meal of the day and why?
Dinner, because it means I have no more work to do, my kid is in bed, and I can just watch TV then go to bed and read. I make big, proper dinners and I look forward to them all day. 
9. If you were to write our 10th dipping commandment, what would it be?
Load it up, in case someone else finishes it before you get the chance. 
10. What is your signature dish to cook for family & friends?
A roast dinner! Living in America it's very British to do this, Americans only do it at Thanksgiving and New Year. So I love to do them most Sundays, just to impress my friends. 
11. What is the best cooking tip you can share with us?
Cook tinned tomatoes for over 20 minutes to make them sweet. People think all you have to do is heat them up...NOOOOOO!
12. What is your secret guilty foodie pleasure?
Fried Potato or other carbs and creamy dips with garlic. My death row meal would be that. A baguette and crisps with a bucket of garlic mayonnaise.